St Patricks morning prayer

praying-statue 950 425 textAsk for the power of God to guide you. This is St Patricks morning prayer (St Patrick of Ireland fame). It was written and first prayed about 400AD. Broadcast 2012 06 17 on “Songs of Hope”.

St Patrick’s Morning Prayer
I rise today with the power of God to guide me,
the might of God to uphold me,
the wisdom of God to teach me,
the eye of God to watch over me,
the ear of God to hear me,
the word of God to give me speech,
the hand of God to protect me,
the path of God to lie before me,
the shield of God to shelter me,
the host of God to defend me
against the snares of the devil and the temptations of the world,
against every man who meditates injury against me,
whether far or near.

Evening prayer – Thomas Ken

evening Etruria Pk by Winter Pearl on Flickr 950 425 textThomas Ken was a bishop in the 17th century in England. Here is one of his prayers. He is famous for the hymn Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

An Evening Prayer

All praise to you, O God this night,
For all the blessings of the light.
Keep us we pray O King of kings,
Beneath your own almighty wings.
Forgive us Lord through Christ your Son,
Whatever wrong this day we’ve done.
Your peace give to the world O Lord,
That we might live in one accord.
Enlighten us, O blessed light,
And give us rest throughout this night.
O strengthen, us that for your sake,
We all may serve you when we wake.

Thomas Ken (1637-1711)